Monday, October 3, 2011


So it looks like the roof replacement might start this week. We have had our keys for 2 weeks now and no work has been started. I've been quite frustrated. Our contractor said he would estimate high and say that everything would take about a month, so now they have 3 weeks to get things done. Meanwhile, I am starting to work on a few things inside the house. I took all the cupboard and drawer fronts off today so that I can sand them and start painting them hopefully this weekend sometime. We are going to try and get the garage cleaned out on Sunday that way I have a place to do the cupboards. I so badly want to start painting the rooms!
Couple things I'm excited about. One being, I don't have to buy a desk like I was planning on doing. My mom doesn't have room for her desk so she is giving it to me. This I will also sand down and paint. And secondly, I don't have to buy as big of a wardrobe as I was thinking I would. The one I wanted won't fit in our room and we decided we could take the shelves out of the closet and put a second hanging bar so we have more room. I'm going to hand mostly my dresses and a few other things in the wardrobe. And I'm getting one that has 2 drawers, so I won't have a dresser. There's barely enough room for Zac's dresser and the wardrobe. As much as I love our house, our room is really small!
Since the roof will probably be the first thing done, we have to pick what color we want. I'm leaning towards blue possibly.

Something like this.

The roofing guy is going to drop off a color palette for me to look at that way I can see what options we have. Can't wait to see a new roof on the house. It's going to look so nice!!

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