Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our first Christmas tree

We finally have our very first Christmas tree! I don't think Zac was super thrilled about going to get it. More so really because it was cold yesterday morning and he hates the cold. He could of dressed warmer I told him. We could only afford a pre-cut tree this year. Next year we are getting a new tree stand, (my parents gave us their old one) and a fresh cut tree. We ended up spending a little more then I wanted to but actually got a deal on our tree. The guy said the type of tree we got is usually 30 but he said he would take 25. The tree is small enough that we were able to fit it into the trunk of my car!
I was smart and bought all our ornaments after Christmas last year at Target when they were 75% off. I still don't have an our first Christmas ornament, I might just make it. We also don't have a tree topper yet. Zac really wants to get this cool Yoda tree topper but we can't afford it. I might get one after Christmas this year. For now my Wicked ornament that Amanda gave me last year is our topper. It's Elphaba and she sings Defying Gravity! LOVE IT! And Zac's totally ok with her being our topper this year. I didn't buy lights last year, so I spent a little more then I wanted to on them but they're Phillips lights and they twinkle!!
I have a box of ornaments at my parents house that my mom wants me to take but I don't want to put them on our tree. I'm trying to not have a bunch of random "kid" ornaments on our tree. My mom suggested that we get a small tree to put them on. Maybe next year.
I spent most of yesterday afternoon decorating the living room. I made two swags out of extra branches from the tree, one from the top of the piano and one for the top of the old radio. I bought so many ornaments last year that I had extra to add to the swags. I also put a bunch of ornaments in the big vase we got as a wedding gift. I love all the purple, silver and green. Besides Elphaba the only other ornament we have on the tree is an Eiffel Tower ornament that Daniela sent me from France. I just want to get a garland to put around the doorway into the hall from the living room and add ornaments to that too. Maybe next year.

Our tree in the trunk of my car

Our adorable little tree

All prettied up

Elphaba at the top and she sings

Top of the piano

Chandelier. I want to add some ribbon to it

Top of our antique radio. Love it.

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