Thursday, February 2, 2012

Leia Update

Wonderful news. The doctors finally found what was wrong with Leia.
She had a successful bowel surgery. They discovered that Leia had Meckel's Diverticulum, (Google it!) which led to an obstruction and then perforation of her intestine, which caused leaking of bowel contents into her abdomen followed by rapid and severe infection (sepsis). This explains her vomiting on Sunday and extremely rapid progression to shock and cardiovascular arrest after they arrived at the hospital Sunday night. The doctors say that there was no way of knowing or preventing this from happening, and it is fairly rare...they may see a similar case in their regional hospital once every couple of years. They've removed a section of her bowel, and she has an ostomy (hopefully temporary, which will be reattached at some point following her hopeful recovery). She still has a lot of things to overcome and heal from, and is still in critical condition and may get worse before she gets better.

Today she opened her eyes just a little big and tried several more times. Such good news.

Mom and I are headed to Seattle tomorrow morning and will be there until Saturday evening sometime. We were going to get a hotel but Mel and Leonard are going to go home for a bit to get some things and their other car, so we are staying in their room at the Ronald McDonald house at the hospital. Aunty Carol is going to stay with Leia at the hospital. I can't wait to see them. I'm taking Leia my Funshine Care Bear. She needs some sunny company. And if I get the chance I'm taking Peter Pan to read to her.

She will be in the hospital for several more weeks as she gets well but I know she will!

Older picture of Leia but I still love it!!

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