Monday, November 7, 2011


Why is it that I always feel like we are waiting on our contractor? Well it's because we are! We have been in our house for two weeks now and are still quite a ways from being unpacked.
We are still waiting on our lazy susan for the cupboard. Right now my pots and pans are sitting on the counter because I have no where to put them. The cupboard where they will go is full of boxes and bowls and random things. Half of my cupboard doors have no handles because I am waiting for my new ones. Also we are still waiting on the lights for the kitchen. I don't understand why we keep waiting on this guy. He never returns phone calls. How can someone run a business and not return phone calls. I was going to have him get paint but now I'm not going to. We have some extra money after all the repairs, so I will get the paint myself.
I'm just tired of waiting on this dude. He's a nice enough guy but seriously!

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