Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First Christmas

Our first Christmas as a married couple didn't really turn out how we were expecting it. Being poor we didn't have the money we wanted to get more then 1 or 2 little things for each other. Plus I bought the two presents that Zac "gave" me. Christmas eve was a little upsetting when we started talking about that fact. It also came to light that Zac has not once given me a gift that he wasn't prompted, shown or told about by me before hand. Even my engagement ring, but I'm glad he gave me one he knew I liked.
Anywho...Christmas eve we were at my parents and went and saw MI:4. So much better then number 3. I think we all loved it! I love Simon Pegg and he didn't disappoint in this.
Christmas morning Zac and I opened our few gifts before we headed back to my parents. We didn't get a picture in front of our little tree though for some reason. Maybe we'll dress up again and take one before we take it down. We did take a few pictures at my parents though, so at least we have something.
Hope everyone had a very Merry and blessed Christmas!

Zac and his sweet Star Wars t shirt

My pink fluffy Jessica Simpson slippers

LOVE ADELE! And her concert live at Royal Albert Hall is AMAZING!!

I also got Zac the sweater vest he's wearing in this picture. He looks great in it!

Don't we all look nice! Really wished Eric, Amanda and Matthew could have been with us.

Martha blue casserole dish. It's not actually Martha, but I love it anyway!

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