Thursday, December 29, 2011

Secret Santa

Today I finally received my first Reddit Secret Santa gift. I was hoping to get it before Christmas but it only came today. All the way from Alexandria, New South Wales, Australia!!! When I signed up back in November for the Secret Santa, you could sign up to be matched with someone outside of the US and I was so excited when I was matched with someone from New Zealand! The lady I was matched with said she loved handmade things and pictures of beautiful scenery. Since I'm not super crafty, I had no idea what I would make. Instead I went to Barns and Noble and found a book of pretty pictures of Washington. Next year I'm hoping that I'll have a little bit more money so that I can send my match a better gift.
My secret Santa gift is awesome!!! In my profile on the site, I said that I loved anything having to do with travel and cooking! The person who got me was spot on!!! I can't wait until next year!
The exchange site has a place you can post pictures, so I took a few of what I received.

My box all the way from Australia!

Awesome tea towels! Australian flag, Aboriginal Kangaroo and Australian animals!

A handmade, hand painted Boomerang! It almost matches Zac's Didgeridoo exactly!

A cookbook of Australian sweets! Can't wait to make something from it!

Molly jumped in the empty box almost immediately after I pulled the stuff out.
The cat trap worked!!

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