Monday, July 23, 2012

Being pregnant

So I have lots of friends who are pregnant or have been pregnant recently and lots of them seem to love being pregnant.  I haven't actually asked them, so I guess I shouldn't really say that. 
I however am not loving it.  The first 3 months were horrible and now I am 19 weeks and am having horrible pain.  I'm calling my OB today to ask him or his assistant about it.  I can hardly sit for very long and going up and down the stairs is very difficult.  Getting in and out of the car yesterday was a nightmare.  I've asked several people about it and they all seem to think it's the same thing.  Sounds like round ligament pain they say.  And I guess it doesn't go away for a long time.  I am not looking forward to the next 4 months of this.  I need to start doing some stretches and things to help maybe and get back to a little yoga.
On top of this, I am ready to kick Molly out the door.  Her fleas are out of control and she is just driving me crazy.  I am just worried that when the baby comes, she will be even worse.  We are giving her away at some point but Zach is very reluctant to do so.  I thought that we had agreed it was best but I see nothing new after we discussed it.  I still don't think he really understands how stressed out this makes me.  He's not the one home with her all day and come December, I'll have a newborn and the cat and that's not going to work.  She's got to go.  I feel a little bad but I can't be stressed about the cat when I have a baby.
I can't wait to not be pregnant anymore.  Pretty sure that the next one will be just the same.  Ugh...

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