Saturday, September 15, 2012

Baby nightmares

I have a had a couple different nightmares about my baby since I have been pregnant.  All of them fairly traumatizing.  I don't remember one of them but two I remember vividly.
I was at the church after my baby shower or something and went to a friends van to change baby's diaper.  I turned around for a minute to talk to someone and the next thing I knew, the van was driving away with baby in the back.  I freaked out and tried calling them but they wouldn't answer.  Tried calling the cops to see if they could help me but they wouldn't answer either.  I don't remember if anything else happened but it was scary.
Side note, all my dreams about baby, good or bad, the baby has always been a girl.  Strange.
The nightmare I had last night wasn't so bad but it still freaked me out a little.  For some reason after giving birth I was completely out of it.  Kind of like I was in a coma or something but I'm not sure.  I woke up at home and my parents and Zac told me they had named the baby while I was asleep.  However, they had not named her what we had decided on.  It was some strange name I had never thought of before.  I was like, "NO! We have to go back to the hospital so I can change her name!"  I know they wouldn't name baby something different then what Zac and I have picked out but still it was very strange.

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