Monday, September 24, 2012

Books for baby!

Went to Powell's last Friday with the hubby, Eric and Amanda.  Hadn't been in a while, an opportunity to visit is always welcome.  I usually spend most of my time in the Rose room looking for old books to add to my collection and finding books I've never heard of with cool covers.  A lot of the time I buy books by just looking at the cover.  I think this was the first time that I haven't even set foot in the Rose room.  I spent almost the whole 2 hours we were there looking at kids books, in between 2 trips to the restroom that is.  I could have walked out with a stack of probably 50 books but I had to control myself.  I did purchase a few that I love.

I also bought a good copy of Where The Wild Things Are that I'm going to use for the nursery, which I need to get started on soon.  I have a whole list of books that I still want to get.  Des suggested looking at Goodwill, so I'll have to do that next week after Zac get's paid.
Yesterday I went to my dear friend Peter's wedding in Tacoma. 

Still seems a little crazy that he's married.  There were three of us there who have known each other since 1st grade, 22 years.  Really missed Brandon yesterday.

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